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Appointments (618) 277-3197
Vaccines for meningitis, pertussis, tetanus, HPV, and pneumonia are in stock most of the year. You do not have to be a patient to receive a vaccine.


A limited supply of Flu Vaccine currently is in stock for ages 6 months through adult. The CDC recommends getting the vaccine as soon as possible. You do not have to be a patient to receive the vaccine.

Shiloh's first Family Medicine Physician is Dr. David Mitchell, of The Country Doctor, Ltd, located off Hartman Lane in St. Clair County, Illinois. At the Family Medicine of Shiloh office, officially registered in Illinois as The Country Doctor, Ltd, patients receive care from a Board Certified Physician.
New patients are welcome to join the practice. The new patient may want to visit the NEW PATIENT FORMS section. Please bring the completed forms to the initial appointment. Paper forms are available to patients without internet access.

Same day and next day appointments usually are available to most established patients, who are part of the accepted insurance plans. Two phone lines exist for appointments, 277-3197 or 277-3214.

Why choose The Country Doctor for your care?
  • You see the same doctor at each office and hospital visit, meaning you see a doctor who is familiar with your care.
  • Familiarity and reassurance. Simply having a familiar person care for you in the office and hospital is very rewarding to the patient and the physician. Seeing the same doctor means a decreased medication error rate and a high quality of care.
  • Stability. Dr. David Mitchell has cared for patients at the same location since 2002 and has been a physician since 1999. Dr. David Mitchell survived the exodus of doctors and built a strong practice of quality patients.
  • Cost savings. The Country Doctor is the first St. Clair County practice to publish its common fee schedule. By having a low overhead, the Country Doctor helps the patients save money. This includes no hidden facility fees.
  • Saturday and flexible hours. Our Saturday hours save you time and money, by not going to the emergency department for a urinary tract infection or a sinus infection.
  • Email is available at Feel free to e-mail for non same day appointments and nonurgent questions.
  • Common vaccines are in stock, including meningitis, shingles, pneumonia, seasonal flu, tetanus/pertussis, and hepatitis A/B.
  • Some in-office lab testing is available, including urinalysis, screening for diabetes, cholesterol testing, and INR coagulation monitoring for patients on warfarin/coumadin.

The Country Doctor welcomes the patients who will choose the same doctor for their inpatient and outpatient care in an independent practice setting.

When an established patient calls after hours for an urgent health concern, the patient talks to Dr. David Mitchell. The exchange number is for established patients and health care workers. If you have an after hours urgent question or concern, please call 277-3214. If it is important enough to call Dr. Mitchell, then you must be seen in the office within 48 hours for an evaluation of your medical concern. Please note that a board certified physician, Dr. David Mitchell, personally calls you back for your concern.

Please feel free to click on the links at the bottom of the page to learn about the practice. Thank you for exploring the website, and we hope that you will find a home for your primary care medical needs at The Country Doctor.
Same day and Next Day Appointments
Usually are Available to established Patients

Vaccines for meningitis, pertussis, tetanus, HPV, and pneumonia are in stock most of the year. You do not have to be a patient to receive a vaccine.



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