The Country Doctor, Ltd. 2310 Country Road Shiloh, IL 62221-2570
Appointments (618) 277-3197
Weekday AM Appointments and Exchange (618) 277-3214

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Please call for additional directions.

Our office is located in Shiloh, Illinois, one minute from the Lebanon Avenue and Hartman Lane intersection near the Conoco Kingsmart Service Station, which is close to where the Barn Restaurant.

If driving from Lebanon Avenue, turn onto Hartman Lane, then turn right onto Country Road, which is just in front of the former Casey's Quickstop, now called Kingsmart. We are on the right side of Country Road, across the street from Home Instead.

Traveling from Frank Scott Parkway (name changes to Thouvenot Lane) from West Belleville, turn right onto Hartman Lane, then turn left onto Country Road.

Traveling from O'Fallon, past the new Target/Dierburgs plaza, take the Frank Scott Parkway and turn left onto Hartman Lane. Then turn left onto Country Road.

From St. Louis: take Interstate 64, take exit 14 for Fairview Heights/O'Fallon, take a right off the ramp and then take an immediate left to get into the double left turn lanes that are near a Hardees. Take a left onto Hartman Lane and go about 3 miles until you see the third service station on the left side of the road. Then make a left just past the Country Doctor's sign.


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 The Country Doctor, Ltd.
2310 Country Road
Shiloh, IL 62221-2570
Voice (618) 277-3197
Exchange (618) 277-3214

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